Missing Meeting Word #1: Netjerk

Have you ever met a Netjerk?

Normally we see meetings as an opportunity to increase our network, but what if the opposite happens?

A Netjerk is a person who is behaving so badly, that he is ruining his existing network.

Why invent new words?

Sometimes we miss the right words to describe a person or situation, the ordinary vocabulary isn’t just sophisticated enough to describe the world we experience. Edward de Bono once said:

“In a sense, words are encyclopedias of ignorance because they freeze perceptions at one moment in history and then insist we continue to use these frozen perceptions when we should be doing better.”

So why not do better and invent some new words, that describe some common phenomenas in the Meeting Industry?  For that end I will run a small campaign here on my blog introducing new words, that could be useful for people working with meetings and events.